I finalised the “Learn Piano In 4 Hours” course in early January this year, and launched it on an unsuspecting public very soon after. It has been very well received, and I already have 6 very happy pupils, all of them in South-East London and North Kent mainly around Bromley and Orpington.

Their responses to the early lessons have been extremely satisfying, confirming to me that I truly understand the special needs and objectives of senior learners, and that I have set it at the right pace and level for this particular audience.

There was one early glitch when, during a lesson, I totally forgot that I’d made a tiny detail change to the flow and I momentarily lost the plot. A bit embarrassing, but my pupil and I got it right fairly swiftly.

I made another little adjustment this week to accommodate the different learning styles of my pupils. And I’ve done it in a different colour, so I don’t repeat the “forgot what I’d done” scenario.

This is going to be a very good year for at least 7 people, myself and my 6 new starters.

Watch this space. Better still, join in the fun.

Progress Report

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