There is an abundance of online piano lessons for beginners.

Some are good, others are not so good.

Some are pricey, others are less so.

Much less common are free online piano lessons for beginners.

So you will be pleased to know that I recently came across a relatively new player in this field that fits beautifully into both the “good” and the “free” categories.

I’ve spent a few hours investigating it and I’d gladly move it from the “good” category to “excellent”.


It’s called Skoove.

A weird name, but no weirder than many these days.

If you’re looking for how to learn piano fast then you’re highly unlikely to find anything to knock this bird off its perch.

It’s perfectly suitable for teaching children, adults, seniors.

And it has a very good chance of doing me, and others like me, out of a job.


Here’s a quick overview before you go to my main Skoove Review  page.

How Skoove Works

Each Skoove lesson is broken down into phases.

You can move backwards and forwards through the phases, at your own pace, repeating them as often as you want to.

  1. You sit at your piano, with your laptop or tablet in front of you. I perch mine on the music rest.
    • Skoove shows you a keyboard, with hands and fingers moving around on the keys
    • You copy the movements
  2. Skoove plays you a tune
    • While the tune is playing, Skoove shows you how the fingers move across the keys, and it highlights the notes on a musical scale
    • You choose whether to watch the hands, or the music. Or both, if you’re so minded
    • At the end of the tune it goes back and starts again
    • When you’ve seen it a few times you choose to move on to the next phase
  3. Skoove plays the tune again, and you play along with it while Skoove “listens” to your playing
    • It’s slow and gentle
    • If you hit a wrong note it sits and waits for you
    • As in the previous phase, at the end of the tune it goes back and starts again
    • You repeat as often as you like until you feel ready for the next phase
  4. Skoove plays the tune and lets you play along at the same pace.
    • This is a perfect way to learn note durations, pauses, phrasing, etc

As you can see, you “absorb” the skills rather than “learn” them.

There’s no “lecturing”, no “do this do that”, no “learn by rote”, no boring scales.

Just watch and copy, and listen to the explanations when it suits you.

Skoove’s Lesson Progression

There are 8 courses of lessons, which I’ve covered in more detail on my main Skoove Review  page.

The first few lessons of all the courses are free. To access the later lessons you need to upgrade, but the upgrade cost is pennies.

I used only the free lessons for this overview. I found them perfectly adequate for the task of how to play the piano for beginners.

If you use only these  you have seriously discovered an entire course of free piano lessons for beginners.

Here is a snapshot of the Skoove “Beginner” level so you can get a sense of the amount of progress you can make in a very short space of time.

There are 57 lessons in the “Beginners” course: 22 in Course 1, 21 in Course 2,  14 in Course 3.

  • In Beginner Course 1 you learn to play sections of popular tunes, using just the 5 fingers of your right hand
  • In Beginner Course 2 you learn to play sections of popular tunes, using just the 5 fingers of your left hand
  • In Beginner Course 3 you learn to play sections of popular tunes, using 5 fingers of both hands

Summary And Conclusion

Using just the free online piano lessons for beginners from the Skoove courses you will move, from zero, to playing with both hands.

That is seriously impressive.

And it’s effortless. It’s simple “monkey see, monkey do”.

Whether you want beginner piano lessons for adults or piano lessons for seniors I found Skoove a joy to use.

And, no, I don’t get paid to tell you that.

For more detail on Skoove go to my main Skoove Review  page.


Online Piano Lessons For Beginners

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