Here is a brief outline of what you will learn in each session of Piano For Seniors

SESSION ONE – Play The Melody

  • Learn the structure of musical sound
  • Learn the layout of the keyboard
  • Learn how single tones are arranged in “families”
  • Play some of these families
  • Play 4 simple, well known, melodies

SESSION TWO – Play The Harmony

  • Learn how single tones are grouped into chords
  • Learn how to create major chords and minor chords
  • Play the chords that go with the melodies learned in the previous session
  • Additional options (for the rapid learner)
    • Play, with both hands, the chords and the melody
    • Play a double-handed challenge piece

SESSION THREE – Read A Music Sheet

  • Learn how music is written, and why it is written that way
  • Read, and understand, the music for the tunes you have learned in the previous sessions
  • Take any music sheet you choose
    • See it, say it
    • See it, play it
  • Additional options (for the rapid learner)
    • Adjust one of the lesson tunes for a different vocal singing range

SESSION FOUR – Play All Your Favourite Tunes

  • Understand “chord progressions”, and why they work
  • Listen to your favourite tunes, and work out how play them

SESSION FIVE (optional) – A Challenge

Session five is an optional “Challenge” task.

Onward And Upward

Further sessions are available. These are tailored to your specific interest so discuss them with me and I’ll design something to suit your end goals.

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