The Art Of Practice is about making serious progress, and having fun doing it.

First the “don’ts”

  1. Don’t just do boring scales, or anything else that doesn’t inspire
  2. Don’t practice mistakes. If you are making mistakes JUST STOP

Now the “do‘s”

  1. SLOW DOWN. If you can’t play slow, then you can’t really play at all. Stop fooling yourself. Playing slow shows up the errors, so you can correct them.
    • How slow is “slow”? Half the pace that you think is slow, then half that again
  2. Work on the hard stuff first, not the easy stuff. You’ll make much more progress this way
    • Doing the easy stuff feels like progress, but you’re just running in circles. You’re actually not going anywhere
  3. Play ONE WORD at a time. By that I mean all the notes that make up a single beat
  4. Position your hands first, then play the notes. Position! Play! Two separate actions
    • This is how racing car drivers and pursuit cops learn to drive as fast as they do
  5. When you can do words, do phrases. Short groups of words that work as a set
  6. After phrases, move on to whole sentences. Complete sections that have a meaningful start and finish.

Practice Methodology

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be amazed at your daily progress.

That will add greatly to your pleasure, and it will inspire you to ever further progress.


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