Learn Piano In 4 HoursLearn Piano In 4 Hours

Coverage MapThe full 4 lesson course is delivered by Chris in person, on a one-to-one basis, to adult learners in the UK, in the North Kent and SE London areas.

Lessons can be taken at any time, there is no predefined timetable.

Ideally, they should be taken, one per day, on alternate days. This gives the student time to fully absorb the information in each lesson, to carry out their own practice and exploration, and to construct questions prior to the next session.

The cost of the course is £25 per lesson, payable at the time of booking.

On completion of the course students have 12 months of one-to-one personal support as they continue their growth and development.

Slow Learners

There is no such thing as a “slow learner”.

We all learn at different paces. And any one person will learn more quickly at times, and less quickly at other times. It is assumed that covering the 4 lessons in the nominated 4 hours may not be possible for everyone.

Rest assured that the lessons will be delivered at a pace suited to the student.

An hour is a reasonable limit of study time, and this may mean that only half the lesson is covered in that time. It is not an issue. The student decides, at the end of the hour, whether to continue or to take a short break and continue, or to stop at that point. The remaining part of the lesson, and all the other lessons, will be scheduled appropriately even if this needs more than 4 hours and/or the 4 days.

If a longer break is needed then that will be accepted without question.

There will be no additional charges in the event of rescheduling. Flexibility is part and parcel of the training.

The ultimate responsibility, for ensuring that you receive the full value of the 4 lessons, is mine and mine alone. Your job is to enjoy success.

Make A Booking

To book a lesson, or to discuss matters relating to the course, use the form on the “Contact Me” page.

Naturally you are curious about what’s covered, so here’s a preview

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