My favourite tuition sources are Robin Hall and Rosa Suen. Both have excellent courses at Udemy. Another key contributor was David Sprunger, whose excellent course is stunning value.

You’ll find more detail on these below.

Udemy is an online academy, currently with 25,000 courses and 6 million students. I have done several Udemy courses and have always found the instructors to be readily available and amazingly helpful. And the student interaction is inspiring. Courses can be accessed from all types of device, online or off.

I frequently get discount codes from Udemy, so I’ll probably have one available if and when you think about purchasing.

These are my sources of inspiration, in the order that I discovered them.

  • See my review of David Sprunger‘s course Play Piano Today
  • See my review of Robin Hall‘s course Piano For All
  • Rosa Suen was, and is, a major influence for me. See my review of  Rosa Suen where you can find the links to the individual courses
  • See my review of Rachel James‘ course Learn Piano In 30 Days

Rosa Suen:

I found Rosa on Udemy where she had 16 courses listed, and new ones coming out all the time. Browse all Rosa’s Udemy courses here. There is also plenty to see on her YouTube channel Piano With Rosa. And I can recommend a visit to her website, if only to read her “About Me”. It’s really inspirational.

Rosa’s teaching style is one that I can only describe as “unique”. It is glacially slow, meticulously precise, with endlessly detailed examples. My first impression was that I wanted to scream at her to “get a move on”, but every time I stood up to scream she said some tiny little thing that totally transformed everything I thought I knew.

The best description I can give of her courses is “lightbulb moment after lightbulb moment“. Now I just listen in awe, paying complete attention in total silence.

See my review of her courses below

Other Courses By Rosa

Rosa has only a few videos on YouTube right now, but here is one of them

As a final taster …

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