Magic Circle Of Fifths: Rosa Suen

Rosa’s “big thing” is the “Circle Of Fifths”.

Many traditional music teachers leave this til late in their teaching, or ignore it altogether. Rosa thinks it should be “front and centre”, and I totally agree.

Knowing “The Circle” has accelerated my learning beyond belief, probably because it is utterly logical (as I am) and totally artless (as I am). Had I not encountered her I would be further behind than I am today, and I wish I’d found her much sooner.

Yes, the “The Circle” looks pretty scary at first glance, and you will probably have difficulty working out where it can possible fit in with piano playing. But it does, it really does, and it’s way way simpler than it looks.

You can see all her “Circle Of Fifths” videos on her YouTube channel Piano With Rosa. The thumbnails alone are worth looking at.

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