Piano For All: Robin Hall

Like David Sprunger’s “Play Piano Today”, Robin’s “PianoForAll” course is also “play first, understand later”, but the course structure is somewhat different.

There are 9 “interactive eBooks” covering ballads, jazz, blues, etc. Interactive eBooks were a new concept to me, and I found them very useful. They’re a pdf but with video embedded. I didn’t know such things existed until I found these. In total there are 200 video lessons (about 10 hours) and 500 audio lessons.

Robin’s style of teaching is – learn the basic structures, then “embellish” to make them “come alive”.

Unlike David, he does combine playing with sheet reading. I found this made it effortless to learn hearing and reading and playing, all at the same time. For that reason I found this course to be “fuller”, more “complete” than David’s.

What I found really helpful in this course is the way the keyboard is displayed. You see Robin’s hands on the real keyboard while he is playing. Above that you see a matching image of the keyboard with the keys lighting up in time to what is being played. Above that you see the names of the keys being played. Brill!

My over-riding impression was how smoothly and gently Robin’s arms and hands moved. They “gently float”. Quite different from my frantic leaping and crashing about.

I have Robin to thank for the simple “keyboard group” philosophy that I have used here on my site, and for the “find all the C’s” when reading from sheets.

Here is what I could play, 3 days after receiving the course. It’s way easier than it looks, and it uses chords you have learned on this site already. The video is available on YouTube, as are many others.

And here is where I got to just a few days later.

The course is available from numerous sources, including Udemy, ClickBank and Amazon, as well from as from Robin’s own website. Because of this I can’t give an accurate pricing, but here’s a guide to some options.

  1. I got Robin’s Udemy course as a suite of 361 lessons (30 hours of video), plus a direct message from Robin which gave me access to the eBooks on his site. I paid $10.00 (£6.66) on a special deal. As I’ve mentioned before, I get these deals quite often, so contact me to find out if there is one currently available.
  2. Alternatively it is on Amazon
    • Amazon.co.uk has it for £24.95
    • Amazon.com has it out of stock, with no price info
  3. And it’s on Robin’s own website pianoforall.com for $39 (£25)

It’s a highly popular course, for obvious reasons, and I have no hesitation in recommending it (and, again, no I don’t get paid for doing so). For under $39 (£25) it’s a no-brainer.

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