Play By Ear: Rosa Suen

“Play By Ear” is one of the first of Rosa’s courses that I bought.

It was Rosa who gave me the idea to number the (physical) keys of the keyboard group from 1 to 7, but she goes one step further. She uses the numbers on their own for the middle group. She puts a dot under each number for the group on the left. She puts a dot above the number for the group on the right. Then she writes the tune “1 1 5 5 6 6 5”. Sheer genius. Play it. You’ll recognise it straightaway.

For me, Rosa is less about playing and more about understanding what I am playing. She is also excellent at pointing out “other ways” to play things I thought I knew well.

This course is 3 hrs of video, full details at Play By Ear 1.

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